Sharpening Kit


This kit will allow you to sharpen your own Spoon Carving tools: The straight knife and the Hook Knife.

Using the block with acrylic surface you can set the sandpaper strips to remove steel evenly on the bevels of your straight knife. In the same way, with the wooden dowel you can sharpen your Hook Knife.

With the ultra-fine goatskin strops and the stropping compound you can give that last polish to your tools and obtain the perfect cutting edge.

It also comes with a non-slip mat to keep your blocks in place while you sharpen.




  • Flat block (23cm x 4cm) made of Birch Plywood with a 6mm acrylic surface
  • Leather strop (23cm x 4cm) made of Birch Plywood with an ultra fine goat leather surface
  • ø 2cm wooden dowel for sharpening Hook Knives
  • ø 1,5cm wooden dowel with ultra fine leather strop
  • Green Stropping Compound (3cm x 3cm x 2cm)
  • 5 Abrasive paper strips.1500 and 3000 grits. 23cm x 4cm for acrylic block
  • 5 Abrasive paper strips. 1500 and 3000 grits. 8cm x 6,3cm for wooden dowel
  • Non-slip mat
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