Wooden Spoon Carving

Learn the techniques and basic tools for Spoon Carving .

Spoon carving is a sensorial process that connects you with your hands while freeing you from your mind. This is what Andrea Cortés, founder of Barcelona Wood Workshops, a woodworking workshop where the positive aspect of manual work and creativity through this material is promoted on a daily basis. Together with Andrea, in this course, you will learn about her working philosophy to create a unique object with your own hands.

Learn the techniques for carving spoons with hand tools, the characteristics and types of wood, and the care and sharpening of the tools, as well as different design and finishing exercises. Beyond the final object, carving wood is an almost meditative practice that will make you connect with your own hands while freeing your mind and learning something new.

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About this course


  • U1
  • U2
    The wood
  • U3
    The Tools
  • U4
  • U5
    The Spoon
  • PF
    Final project

Start the course by getting to know Andrea, how she started in 2014 to work with wood as a hobby, and how in 2018 she turned it into a job, founding her project Barcelona Wood Workshops. She also tells you about some of her influences.

In the second unit, learn about wood and its characteristics, see how to identify the appropriate one for this type of carving, and understand basic concepts of its structure, such as the anatomy of fibers, to carve wood easily.

In the third unit, go deeper into the tools you will use (axe, straight knife, or hollow knife) seeing the most common techniques for each one and some recommendations about the care and sharpening of these.

In the fourth unit, Andrea talks to you about the key premises for designing a spoon, showing you the different types and how to draw them. See the resources needed for sketching them and how to create templates for your spoon designs. You can do this by hand or with the help of drawing software.

In the last unit, learn how to carve the spoon from start to finish: from preparing the wood, to cutting with an axe to get closer to the shape of your design and, finally, carving with the knives. Finish by oiling it and putting the finishing touches on it when the piece is dry. And you’ll have your spoon ready to give away or use yourself: Bon appetit!

10€ 39,90 €

75% OFF.

Start carving from your home and at your own pace.

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