How reviving the pastime of carving a spoon enriches your life

It’s thanks to a bad case of the flu that Ethan-James Osborne carves spoons. He was in bed, delirious with a raging fever, when he was struck by what he admits was a rather mad idea: to go outside, find some wood, and carve a spoon.

“I hobbled out into the garden with my dressing gown on and it was raining. If anybody was looking out the window it would have looked practically psychotic. I headed down to the bonfire pile and pulled off a large branch of half burnt thing and dragged it into the garden, started carving away with a Stanley knife and cut myself.”

It was at this point that his partner intervened. He recovered from the flu and his self-inflicted wounds, but what remained was a passion for finding pieces of wood and turning them into something beautiful and practical in what he calls, “an almost mythical exchange between the maker and the person using the spoon.”

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