Decorative techniques for Spoon Carving

In this article we will see some decorative techniques for wooden spoons.


Kolrosing works like a tattoo and it consists of making a cut with the tip of our straight knife or another type of knife over the lines of the desired drawing. Then using some ground coffee or cinnamon, it gets rubbed into the grooves so that the dark color defines the lines of the drawing. Follow Dane Licina to see more examples on Kolrosing:

Chip Carving

El Chip Carving is a style of carving in which knives or chisels are used to remove small chips of the wood to form a design.

For this type of carving we use a smaller knife:

Beaver Craft Chip Carving Knife

Paints and dyes

We can paint the handles of our spoons with paint and natural dyes.

It’s important not to use varnishes and toxic finishes, remember they are object we touch and put in our mouths.

Milk paint is ideal in this case because its a natural water-based paint that allows the wood to breathe.

We can also use natural dyes like turmeric, carmine, cochineal or coffee.

These decorative techniques can all be used in a single spoon like these spoons by Marianne McGinn:

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