Hatchet + Bear Spoon Carving

“Hatchet + Bear Spoon Carving demonstrates how with three basic tools – an axe and two knives – you can shape a small tree branch into a simple, honest utensil. But while the process is relatively simple, the effects of this craft are profound. EJ describes the experience of carving a spoon as ‘medicinal’. With every group of students, he has witnessed how the act of whittling, peeling and shaving wood is absorbing and meditative; minutes turn into hours while the spoon carver becomes absorbed in the making process and surrenders themselves to the joy of slow living. As well as information on tree identification to ensure that you are working with the recommended fresh green wood from hardwood species, EJ gives advice on harvesting and storing wood. He explains the few tools that are needed for spoon carving and how to use them safely when working the key techniques – including chopping, splitting, planing, shaving, cutting. Once you are confident with the woodworking skills, you can progress to the projects chapter where full instructions are given for making five different utensil types, starting with the simplest spatula, cooking spoon and hanging jar spoon, before moving on to a coffee scoop and then finally graduating on to the bent-branch spoon.”*

*text from amazon.com

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