Sharpening: Six mistakes beginners make

Original article from Sylva Spoon.

Lots of folks that enjoy carving don’t seem to enjoy sharpening quite so much. I kind of understand that. These folks are interested in carving, not sharpening. Blunt tools are an unfortunate byproduct of carving. And sharpening is a chore to be endured. That’s completely the wrong mindset. And I’m here to help make it more enjoyable.

Sharpening is a slow process. Really let that sink in before you start scraping steel over abrasives. You’re likely to be working on that tool for a bit. A big reason why it takes so long is because of the mistakes that beginners make. Here are some of the biggest mistakes I see people make when sharpening their spoon carving tools.

Have a read and think about how you approach sharpening. Hopefully you’ll be able to correct your mistakes, take less time and get back to carving sooner.

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